Tacchini Design Classics

Tacchini Design Classics

Classic furniture pieces designed by world-famous Italian designers are welcomed back into Tacchini's range.

Leading Italian furniture brand, Tacchini, focus upon transcending current trends and instead creating powerful design statements. Their Design Classics range embodies this philosophy by rediscovering designs from past collections and re-introducing the work of well known designers, with whom they share a long history.

Originally the ‘872 Sofa’ designed in 1957, the Oliver Lounge designed by Gianfranco Frattini has been reissued for today’s market whilst retaining its elegant and minimalist aesthetic. Tacchini also collaborated with Frattini’s family to bring back to life one of his most representative designs, the Agnese Armchair. Designed in 1956 and originally the '849 Armchair', Agnese is named after Sant'Agnese; the street where Gianfranco Frattini's final studio was located.

The celebration of timeless design is also evident through the relaunch of the Giulia Lounge Chair. Also designed by Frattini in 1957, the Giulia lounge chair and ottoman are a statement of classic modern design and allow for a natural creation of style in the home.

Tacchini continue to discover their Italian roots by including the Monzino Table in their Design Classics range. Originally designed by Franco Albini in 1939 to furnish Villa Monzino on Lake Como, the rediscovery of the Monzino side and occasional table add the work of one of the greatest architects and designers of the 20th century in Italy to Tacchini's repertoire.

Other ranges in the Tacchini Design Classics, available through Stylecraft include Gio, Babela, Sancarlo and Sesann.

By reviving these designs, Tacchini have introduced Design Classics to a new generation of design lovers and furniture enthusiasts.