IWD 2021 - Brittany Fulcher

IWD 2021 - Brittany Fulcher

Celebrating International Women's Day 2021

This week as we celebrate International Women’s Day, we show appreciation to our incredible colleagues, friends, sisters, partners, mothers and daughters. In 2021, Stylecraft are focusing on the achievements of the women that surround us, starting with some of those on our team. Each of these women have experienced a unique career journey and accomplishments at Stylecraft - and in life.

Join us as we gain an insight into what inspires and drives these key team members in varied roles, locations and experiences.


Brittany Fulcher
Project Co-Ordinator, WA, SA, NT

After graduating with a Bachelor of Interior Architecture, Brittany worked as a Designer in the design and construction industry. Recognising she enjoyed the project management side of the industry, Brittany moved to a position within the commercial furniture industry where she worked prior to commencing at Stylecraft in a Project Co-Ordinator role.

Brittany is responsible for managing the delivery and installation of projects within WA, SA & NT and is based in our Perth showroom.

Who has inspired you across your career?

I have had good guidance throughout my career from many colleagues who are great at what they do. Luckily for me they are willing to pass on their knowledge which helps me grow.

What are you most proud of achieving in your time at Stylecraft?

It was an achievement for the whole Operations team to collectively receive the ‘employee of the year’ award for 2020.
2020 was a tough year for all, and logistically it took a whole team and great communication to facilitate the best outcome for our clients and contractors.

Your career has changed paths since originally setting out as a Designer, what’s your best advice surrounding taking on new challenges and opportunities?

My advice is to say yes to every opportunity and keep expanding on your skills. At first it may seem overwhelming to accept a new challenge but it is all achievable once you get started. You also never know where an opportunity could take you which keeps life exciting.


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