Introducing Place by Ross Gardam

Introducing Place by Ross Gardam

The latest modular lounging collection from Australian designer, Ross Gardam

Blurring the line between residential and commercial design, the new Place modular lounging system by Ross Gardam offers a functional, modular platform to connect, experience and create.

Place is endlessly modular with each element, either square or curved, designed around a common footprint to enable a large variety of settings to be formed. Modules include ottomans, and seating elements with arms and low, mid or high backrests. A collection of straight and angled modules allow private, collaborative or back to back settings throughout the workplace or public areas.

Place allows for the creation of focused working spaces, which easily reconfigure to suit the next task or meeting. Individual elements can be linked via a concealed bracket to the underside of the module together with a zip to the rear of the module to maintain the elements in place.

"Place solves problems other products do not, and it achieves this while offering an exceptional level of comfort and style. I see it as a unique product with so many configurations possible, I am truly looking forward to seeing how people use it and how it can evolve in space."
- Ross Gardam.

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