Brand Profile: STUA

Brand Profile: STUA

Established in 1983, STUA is a family owned furniture design and manufacturer from Spain.

STUA’s timeless pieces include the likes of the Globus Chairs, Nube Armchairs and Eclipse Tables.

“Good design is not only about beautiful shapes. It always has to be clever in the solution of functional questions,” says STUA founder Jesus Gasca. Their collection consists of a range of chairs, tables, stools, storage, lounge and outdoor furniture. Separating STUA from other contemporary design is the enduring nature of form and timeless approach to design.

Designers Jesus Gasca, Jon Gasca and Josep Mora have created a high level of aesthetic and engineering detail within their work with recognition being awarded in 2009 when STUA received a National Design Award.

The name STUA stems from solo tengo un amor, “I have only one love.” With this, STUA are grounded firmly in the principles and characters of classic modern design, simplicity and timelessness.