Stylecraft Rugs

Stylecraft Rugs

Designed by Keith Melbourne, Tom Skeehan, Ross Gardam, Helen Kontouris and Alexander Lotersztain

Launched in early 2018, Stylecraft's latest Australian design collaboration comprises a collection of luxurious, hand-crafted rugs. A statement in design and quality, the five rugs that form the inaugural range have been designed by leading Australian designers; Keith Melbourne, Tom Skeehan, Ross Gardam, Helen Kontouris and Alexander Lotersztain. The range is diverse in colour, texture and size with each designer drawing on their uniquely individual aesthetic and inspiration.

Designed in Australia, handcrafted in India through TAPPETI Rugs, the handmade collection utilises natural fibres including New Zealand Wool. Handmade processes are used by local artisans for dying the yarn, tufting, binding and finishing.

The Collection

A fresh take on geometry and pattern, Lotersztain & Kontouris celebrate mixed-matched shapes, texture and compositional balance with their rugs, Salt Plains and Terraces. Inspired by the beauty and vastness of the Australian landscape from above, Lotersztain comments that his Salt Plain range represents “the iconic red centre with endless sand dunes and stunning salt lake colours, to open skies that meet the aqua waters. The rich colours of this harsh and beautiful land inspired the geometrical forms and natural hues.” Also drawing on inspiration from landscape viewed from above, Kontouris’ range Terraces is “a nod to stepped rice terraces and organic patterns created by maturing fields from an aerial view.”

Both exploring subtle changes in tone, Gardam and Melbourne’s ranges are more linear and subtle in approach. Noon by Gardam is an abstract expression of the passing of light during a 24 hour period. Co-ordinating directly with his recently launched Noon furniture range, Gardam’s is the only circular rug in the collection which adds to the sense of calm the graduation in tone creates. Melbourne’s range, Wash, focuses on the “beautiful grading of light within sculptural architecture.” Achieving a gradient by mixing seven tonal colours, Melbourne’s distinctly precise and sleek aesthetic carries through from his furniture design.

Skeehan’s Hoshi rug is an extension of his furniture collection, inspired by an elegant, minimal Japanese design approach. The unique arched shape and contrasting linear pattern references the tubular forms in the furniture range, ensuring it directly co-ordinates.

View each rug

Noon Rug by Ross Gardam

Hoshi Rug by Tom Skeehan

Terraces Rug by Helen Kontouris

Salt Plains Rug by Alexander Lotersztain

Wash Rug by Keith Melbourne