Introducing Paperclip

Introducing Paperclip

Designed by Seaton McKeon, winner of the 2015 Australian Furniture Design Award.

Seaton McKeon’s winning entry into the 2015 Australian Furniture Design Award (AFDA) led to the opportunity to design a furniture range, distributed by Stylecraft. The result is Paperclip, an outdoor seating collection made from mild steel available in a range of powdercoat options and ideal for residential, corporate and hospitality settings.

The design takes its inspiration from the simple processes pioneered by commodities such as the paperclip and has been designed to function in a wire or perforated sheet metal format, in conjunction with timber components. The range comprises of a lounge, with locally sourced Merbau timber armrests, stackable dining chair and stools in three heights.

The Paperclip collection further solidifies Stylecraft’s support of Australian design and manufacturing and is an exciting beginning to the support of future AFDA winners.

Paperclip is available exclusively through Stylecraft.

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