Brand Profile: Tacchini

Brand Profile: Tacchini

Established in 1965, Italian brand Tacchini represents both sophisticated and classically designed pieces such as the Babela Chair, Sancarlo Collection and Bianca Lounge.

Tacchini’s collection consists of sofas, armchairs, lounge chairs, foot stools and tables that embrace simplistic and harmonising design elements characteristic of Italian Design.

Together with new collections, Tacchini has relaunched designs from as early as the 1930’s by the likes of Franco Albini. Original and quality design form the basis of the brands success. Designed by Albini, the Bianca Lounge conveys a timeless appeal.

Released in 2013, the Galleria Modular Bench system has been awarded an Interior Innovation Award, recognising Tacchini’s design consideration for both contemporary and traditional spaces.

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