Adapt by Ross Gardam

Adapt by Ross Gardam

Introducing the Adapt modular collection, designed by Ross Gardam.

Flexible, inviting and productive, the Adapt collection of lounges and accessories are designed to evolve with the dynamic needs of today’s workplace. Designed by Ross Gardam, Adapt’s modular nature allows components to be easily reconfigured, creating solutions for now and into the future.

At its core, the collection contains five base elements. Each can sit alone or combine to create larger pieces in straight or curved configurations. Beyond this, these elements can be added to by simply attaching arms, backs, mid-height or full-height screens, desks and tables; creating near limitless possibilities. A truly modular system, Adapt caters for workplace, education, aviation and hospitality spaces.

The latest addition to Ross Gardam’s exclusive collection at Stylecraft, Adapt was the result of 18 months of development and refinement. “Adapt is the largest project our studio has undertaken. The scale of the project kept on surprising us, we have worked really hard to define the collection as it sits, however I would see the range growing in the coming years. This growth will be through the combination of feedback from the end users and specifiers once they start using the product, as well as some elements we have in the pipeline, including an Adapt lamp.”

Committed to local manufacturing for his furniture and lighting ranges, Adapt is no exception and Gardam comments “Having the manufacturing partners a short distance away meant that we could be quite hands-on with the decision making along each step of the process.”

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