KPMG Barangaroo

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KPMG Barangaroo

Davenport Campbell
Tyrone Branigan

KPMG’s 3500 staff have now transitioned to their new workplace at Barangaroo, across level 26 – 38 in Tower Three.


The move to Barangaroo and a new flexible way of working started in 2011 with Davenport Campbell setting up a pilot version in the old workplace. Over 3 years, more than 1000 employees tested the mini-workspace providing Davenport Campbell with the do’s and don’ts of the new design layout. KPMG NSW Chairman, Martin Blake says “Principles of connection, outcomes, trust, flexibility, conscience and health emerged in planning the new offices”. “We really felt that meant we had to think differently about the way we work and, with quite a young workplace to attract young people into the market, that working environment had to be more reflective of our lifestyle.”


A series of vertical villages with staircases separating the floors defines a neighbourhood that fosters a sense of belonging. The mobile workplace features focus zones for concentrated work combined with meeting rooms, with Catifa 53 4 Way Castor chairs by Arper used throughout. The more casual areas were designed for connection between staff informal and collaborative zones. These areas feature the Duna 02 Chair by Arper together with Australian designer, Helen Kontouris’ Softscape Lounge.


The overall layout and selection of finishes in recycled material, natural timber and stone are a significant change for the normally conservative professional services industry. “It’s a really exciting environment to work in,” says Blake. “And it means everyone has access to all levels of the organisation which has really improved employee engagement.”

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