Authentic Design Alliance

Authentic Design Alliance

Originally founded in 2010 by Stylecraft, Living Edge, Cult and KeZu, the new Authentic Design Alliance program relaunched in May 2016 at Sydney’s Vivid festival as a refreshed educational platform to support original design.

Now helmed by design journalist and curator, Anne-Maree Sargeant, the members-based platform is supported by industry partners together with Good Design Australia, Australian Design Alliance, Design Institute of Australian and Factory Design District, collectively they aim for better protection of original design, advocating greater awareness about how fake designs damage the future of our creative industries.


The UK recently enforced penalties of up to £50,000 and 10 years jail for anyone selling fake furniture, their design copyright protection now extends to 75 years jail. In contrast Australia’s design registration only protects original design for 10 years, after which the original concept is up for grabs for anyone who wants to manufacture their own versions of someone else’s design.


“Good design is not always expensive – supporting original design supports our own creatives. While changes to British design protection provide a worthy example for Australia to follow, we have a slightly more difficult task, however, given ‘original design’ is not valued by Australians as it is for example in Denmark. Similarly – getting the attention of government has been difficult as the extent of design theft has been difficult to quantify in economic terms.” Says Sargeant.


Launched as part of Sydney’s Vivid Festival, events will be held throughout 2016. To stay up to date on news and upcoming events visit for more information.